About us

WarOnCancer is a tech company on a mission to improve mental health for everyone affected by cancer.

By uniting across borders, we are working towards building an infrastructure where our members can contribute their data to the larger cancer ecosystem, and hence play an essential part in accelerating healthcare and improving research.

The Story

Diagnosed at the age of 28
After being diagnosed in 2015 at 28 years of age, Fabian Bolin began documenting his cancer battle on a blog, which quickly gained global attention. His first post, shared close to 13,000 times on social media has led to over 100,000 messages, e-mails and letters of support to date. By recognizing the power and potential of storytelling and combining it with a strong urge to empower others affected, the idea of WarOnCancer was born.

WarOnCancer AB was founded together with Sebastian Hermelin and the team operates from Stockholm, Sweden.

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Fabian Bolin

Co-founder & CEO

Nedzad Hamzic

Back-End Developer

Sebastian Hermelin

Co-founder & COO

Kenan Hrnjic

Site Reliability Engineer

Ajla Zacina

UX/UI Designer

Adi Behlulovic

Project Manager

Eldin Semovic

QA Engineer

Almin Latovic

Front-End Developer

Dino Trnka


Faris Zacina